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Horse Sales & Leasing

We are proud to offer a range of horses for different levels of riding. We breed our own and buy regularly from Europe to have a strong suite of potential partners. We are extremely conscientious about matching the right horse to the right rider. You will always get the straight scoop from us on our horses because it doesn’t benefit them or you to do otherwise.

For sales inquiries please complete the form here or call Michael at (401)-749-6682.

Horse Training

Having worked with over a hundred horses in our collective lifetimes and trained with the best in the world, we have a very refined program that produces spectacular horses. From regular groundwork, strong flatwork, a focus on jumping form fundamentals, a deep acumen of tack options, strong relationships with vets and farriers, and vast knowledge of nutrition, we’ve been told we are able to get more out of horses than most – all done in a humane way. We put the horses first and consistently listen to them in order to help them be at their best.  


From beginners to advanced riders, we can quickly assess and elevate your riding capabilities. With decades of instruction from a variety of experts, we have a wide range of ideas and solutions to help advance your riding. We can provide tips for minimizing unwanted emotions and achieving smart, in-the-moment thinking. Our team loves horses and is passionate about helping others unleash their potential on the back of a horse.


After decades of experience in all rings, we are extremely competent at helping a horse be successful in the show ring. Whether it is your green horse who needs miles, a horse that is having some trouble, or your lovely horse you want to see flourish, we can help you achieve your goals. 

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